Vision & Values

bible-magnifying-glass-1Our Vision:

Our culturally diverse church is committed to helping families and singles connect with God to build stronger, healthier lives.

Our Values:

Our church has adopted five core values. We believe that they accurately express what God would have us value so that we can influence our community for Jesus Christ.

1.) Fort Lee Gospel Church values life transformation through a faith relationship with Jesus Christ. (II Cor 5:17)

2.) Fort Lee Gospel Church believes that an abundant life is enhanced by collective worship, small group Bible study, daily time with God, and serving others. (John 10:10)

3.) Fort Lee Gospel Church encourages the full participation of diverse people from many cultural backgrounds, various walks of life and different places in their journey of faith. (Gal 3:26-29)

4.) Fort Lee Gospel Church believes that faith in Jesus Christ and participation in church life makes for stronger families and contributes to raising children to be godly and successful adults. (Mal 4:6)

5.) Fort Lee Gospel Church, an evangelical church, believes in the inspiration of the Bible as the authority for faith and practice. (II Tim 3:16)