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Ecclesiastes 1

Wisdom for the New Year

This first sermon of 2014 introduces some of the themes of the book of Ecclesiastes and balances the

Old Testament understanding of beginnings with the New Testament belief in transformation.

36:58 / 4.01 MBJanuary 5, 2014

Ecclesiastes 3
Verses 1-15

In His Time

This message looks at how the well lived life includes timely living. Understanding the seasons of life is

the lesson we learn from this well known text.

13:18 / 30.4 MBJanuary 26, 2014

Ecclesiastes 3:16 – 4:3


Solomon addresses the reality that life is not fair. We are called to work towards justice as we preach

the good news of salvation.

30:52 / 70.6 MBFebruary 2, 2014

Ecclesiastes 4
Verses 4-12


Our lives are rich when they are filled with life giving relationships. Following God’s word helps us

become healthy in our relationships.

37:55 / 87.6 MBFebruary 9, 2014

Ecclesiastes 5
Verses 8-20


The Bible speaks often about money and how it impacts our faith in God. This message looks at the

blessing and burden of wealth.

34:10 / 78.2 MBMarch 2, 2014

Ecclesiastes 7

Pursue Wisdom

The life of faith should be a life that pursues wisdom. Wisdom is needed in facing death and in character


41:27 / 94.8 MBMarch 9, 2014

Ecclesiastes 8

Honor Authority

We are called to honor those in authority over us and there is a long history of civil disobedience by

people of faith.

37:40 / 86.2 MBMarch 16, 2014

Ecclesiastes 9
Verses 1-12

Reflections on Death

There is no time when our faith is both tried and profound as when we face the death of those we love.

Facing death helps us to live life well.

29:37 / 67.7 MBMarch 23, 2014

Ecclesiastes 11:9 – 12:14

Serve God from Youth

There is no better way to live life than to serve God from when you are young. Most people who come

to faith in God late in life regret that they did not come to Jesus earlier.

19:15 / 17.6 MBApril 6, 2014